Yes, it even rains in Spain.

So it’s been another fun filled week here in Spain and thankfully not quite as blindingly hot as the last one! I’ve eaten a variety of weird and wonderful food, including squid in its own ink (which was about as nice as it sounds..), copious amounts of olives and pizza, croquetas (amazing little fried balls of anything mixed with béchamel sauce), fuet (a kind of dry cured sausage thing) and empañadas (literally the BEST THING EVER). Aside from the delicious food there were two rather distinct themes last week; Harry Potter and Hairspray.


Squid; not so great.

I’ve discovered that my Spanish friends are quite possibly the most Harry Potter obsessed people I’ve ever met. After creating my own Pottermore account to find out what house I would be in (obvs Gryffindor – it’s the best), I have now begun to carve (literally) my own Harry Potter wand. Despite the extreme nerdiness, it’s actually really good fun and the ones that they’ve finished look amazing and very realistic. I’ll be posting pictures of mine when it starts to look a little less like a stick.

Last week in dance class we started learning a 60s themed dance (to one of the songs from Hairspray) which is AMAZING and quite possibly the most coordinated I’ve ever been in my life. I had a breakthrough and think I may have somehow mastered it! After the customary beers and pizza after the class and listening to (or screaming along to) the Hairspray soundtrack at full volume in the car on the way home, we went to Javi’s house to actually watch the film. Despite not being the biggest fan of musicals it was really good fun!

My main exploring/sightseeing last week was going to the Sierra de Madrid with a few friends. We set off fairly early in the morning and drove for ages through the mountains (it was beautiful – SO MUCH GREEEN!) to a rather picturesque little town called Rascafría. I spent most of the journey with the cutest dog in the world asleep on my feet! We wandered around an old monastery and stopped for a picnic with lots of fun and yummy Spanish food and then went on a lovely long walk in the countryside. Whilst it wasn’t quite as green as England it was very beautiful and the views were stunning. The Harry Potter theme continues here as Javi actually brought the wands.. cue many puzzled looks from other walkers. It was pretty hilarious though.




A lovely picnic!


A bit of countryside ahhhhhhh (shame about the terrible photography)

All in all it was a wonderful day. We walked to some mini waterfalls and spent ages climbing on the rocks (it’s still fun at 19). I learnt why a stick stuck in a cowpat is actually hilarious; in Spanish the expression ‘una mierda pinchada en un palo’ is used to mean bullshit. We were even treated to some typical English weather on the walk back, much to the dissatisfaction of everyone else… It soon started properly raining (yes, in Spain) and we got absolutely soaked. It was hilarious.

Life with the family is going well. We went out for dinner to the Gran Via in Majadahonda so the girls could try out their rollerblades and bicyle, so cute! As usual, the food was delicious! Despite having been here for four weeks now I somehow still manage to say sorry and excuse me instead of gracias and perdoneme, instantly giving away the fact that I’m not Spanish.


Super cute

The girls have been counting down the days till we leave for Cádiz (not long left now..!) so the next post will be from Puerto de Santa María – ¡qué emocionante!


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