Te echo de menos Inglaterra…

After a lovely last few days in Madrid, je suis enfin arrivée en El Puerto de Santa María! But first here’s a little summary of the beginning of the week in Majadahonda. The last dance class on Tuesday crushed my rather optimistic hopes of new found coordination; it was literally IMPOSSIBLE! Still good fun though, and despite my general incompetence I am genuinely going to miss the classes, I’ll have to find a Mexican equivalent… Wednesday was a blur of packing and faffing (a family of two young children needs a ridiculous amount of stuff; they even brought the rabbit…). After spending most of Wednesday night (and part of Thursday morning) on my wand, it’s starting to look pretty good! I think the obsession is spreading. Despite their craziness I’d like to thank my Madrid friends for their huge kindness and for not getting sick of me; you’ve made these last few weeks amazing and have stopped me from going completely insane!

And now to El Puerto de Santa María, aka the hottest place I’ve ever been. I’m actually writing this from sunny Marbella, but I’m going to leave that for the next post! Despite the fact that it’s so hot at times I can barely contemplate moving, I’ve done quite a lot of fun things since getting here on Thursday. We’re now living in a lovely house with a shared pool and its own lemon tree (pretty impressive). My day revolves around the swimming pool, which is shared with the other houses in the street, or the beach, which is a 10min walk away. Lovely! After unpacking we spent the first afternoon here on the beach – I even swam (kind of) in the sea and it was WARM (!?). We had a lovely (need a new adjective…) lunch in a little restaurant on the beach with loads of fresh fish and yummy things. I accidentally ate squid again (without ink and fried, it’s not half so bad) and unintentionally tried roe (ew ew ew) and pretended to like it.


We went to visit the parents of the mother in the evening, where I learnt just how fast and how much some Spanish people can talk, which in addition to an Andalusian accent meant I understood nothing. I reached new heights of idiocy when the grandfather, upon discovering that I come from England, got out his keyboard and started playing something. It wasn’t the finest performance so I just nodded and smiled encouragingly, pretty awks when I finally figured out that what he was actually ‘playing’ was the British National Anthem… Despite this he actually seems to really like me!

I went for a wander around the town centre on Friday. To rephrase; I got lost in the town centre on Friday (it seems José – Spanish dad – was unaware of just how bad my sense of direction is). Anyways, all the streets, albeit nice and pretty with cobble stones, look EXACTLY the same. On the bright side, I got to see a lot of Puerto that day! I was even coerced into riding on the back of José’s motorbike on the way home which was terrifying; I miss my bike.

After a hectic Saturday morning shopping and running various errands with Belen we spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool – or in my case trying to learn Lucia’s swimming/dance routines. We took a picnic to the beach in the evening and ate whilst watching a beautiful sunset.



A lot more impressive in real life


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