Andalucian fun times

Due to the lack of internet in Puerto it’s been a while since my last post however I’m now back in Madrid, so this one is going to be pretty long – you’ve been warned! Life in Spain is going well, yes at times it does get boring (why did I only bring one book!? And in Spanish…), but on the whole it’s pretty good! So here’s a little summary of the last week or so…

As I’ve literally no idea what I did on Monday, I’m going to just skip that… It probably involved either the swimming pool or the beach! So on Tuesday (anyone doubting my newfound public transport expertise; prepare to be impressed) I got the bus into Cádiz and did a bit of sightseeing, then got a (three hour – help) bus to Marbella, and another which miraculously took me within walking distance of the villa in which some of my housemates from uni were staying. If you happen to be reading this Cheyney Cartwright, thank you SO MUCH to you and your family for letting me stay with you; it was very very much appreciated! I had a wonderful few days with my friends, it was so lovely to see some familiar faces, and definitely what I needed after having been here for this long. We did rather a lot of sunbathing by the pool (I’ve got a pretty impressive tan coming along), BBQs at the villa and more card games than I would’ve thought humanely possible (thankfully no uno, but racing demons is more addictive than it should be). Despite only knowing a few of the guests, everyone was incredibly welcoming and generally lovely! We went for lots of delicious meals (for some reason carpaccio has become the best thing ever) and cocktails in Puerto Banus; I even tried shisha! The villa was really cool (for me it was enough that it had not one but THREE hot tubs) and the views were beautiful! (see photo – how green is that!?) The return trip didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned (slight understatement; I tried to get on a bus that was already full, and ended up staying an extra day). Anyway, I left early on Saturday morning with enough time to have a wander around Marbella itself and a walk along the beach. Adding to my ever growing collection of shells (for some reason I’m still scouring the beaches for shells at almost twenty). Needless to say I was knackered by the time I arrived back in Puerto!



Thankfully the rest of the weekend was pretty chilled. We spent Sunday in the swimming pool and had a BBQ with some friends of the family. Despite not being the biggest fan of horror films I went to see one (The Conjuring I think…) on Sunday with Belén, her mother, brother and sister. Pretty awks that I spent most of the film with my eyes fixed on the floor, yet Belén’s 80 something mother was fine… laughing actually! We had another BBQ on Monday with various members of the family; I think I’ve eaten more meat this week than I would in several months at uni. I tried another kind of mussel, which was still pretty disgusting… My Spanish family may have finally succeeded in finding something I don’t actually like!

On Tuesday we drove to a different beach, closer to Cádiz where we spent most of the day with some friends of the family. This beach was a lot less touristy than our local one, and consequently A LOT cleaner. I spent ages swimming in the sea with the girls. At first I was extremely confused as to why they kept shouting ‘hola’ until I realised that was they were actually saying was ‘ola,’ or in English; wave. Makes a lot more sense!


This week has been a lot harder homesickness-wise; it makes me wonder how I’m going to cope in Mexico for 9 months if I can’t manage 2 months in Spain. Although I don’t think it will be so bad when we get back to Madrid – I’m not proud to admit it, but I can’t live without the internet! However just as I was feeling pretty lonely and quite honestly looking forward to going back to Madrid I managed to find some Spanish people to tag along with. So on Wednesday I had a lovely time wandering around Cádiz with Belén’s nephew and his friends. We got a catamaran from Puerto to Cádiz (pretty exciting) and walked around the city for a few hours. For lunch I tried and failed to eat a hamburger at least the size of my own face. We then went to some beautiful parks in the afternoon. All in all it was a wonderful day! I’m constantly taken aback by just how welcoming the Spanish are (well the ones I’ve met); despite having only met most of the group the day before, by the end of the day I felt like I’d known them for years. Luckily for me they weren’t exactly keen to practise their English! Although at times their accents were extremely confusing – whoever knew that ‘gusta’ could be pronounced with a ‘ch’ sound!?


Beautiful Cádiz!


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  1. Yo

    Acabo de comenzar a leer tu blog y me pareció gracioso lo de las “Olas” jaja


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