A little update

I wrote this about a week ago, but I’m silly and forgot to actually post it…

Sadly this is my last week in the faculty and as the students have exams, Ellie and I don’t have an awful lot to do besides sit in the office and wait for people to come and ask for help. So here I am on a rainy Wednesday afternoon and rather to my surprise, enjoying a hot chocolate. Turns out that the cafeteria guy managed to understand {chocolate larin’ (a chocolate bar) as ‘chocolate caliente’ (hot chocolate – no, I don’t get it either) with the result that I, very confused and too English to correct him, ended up with the latter! And I thought my Spanish was improving…

I’ve not been doing an awful lot of travelling recently, other than going to Veracruz with some soton friends a few weeks back. We spent a weekend in the outskirts of the city San Andrés Tuxtla (in the south of the state of Veracruz) in a somewhat unconventional house belonging a lovely Mexican my friends met whilst travelling over Christmas. I call it a unconventional for several reasons, the main one being the fact that its owner has not only a pet boa constrictor, but also a pet CROCODILE. As you do…

We had a pretty chilled out weekend hanging around with our hosts friends and visiting different places nearby, which was rather fortunate considering that my body chose this moment to get the most ill I’ve felt in Mexico so far… After the eight hour bus journey there (made significantly more entertaining by 20 questions and the most disgusting biscuits in the world) we were feeling pretty exhausted on the Friday night so went straight to bed! However the following day we went to a nearby lake (La Laguna Encantada) and had fun trying not to capsize the inflatable boat by squeezing all eight of us into it (in Mexico there is ALWAYS room for one more person). We had a lovely time going round the lake, which is surrounded by jungle on all sides, meaning that we were able to see all sorts of exotic birds.


We left the boat and climbed a path through the jungle until we reached a lake high up in the hills, where apparently the water is pure enough to drink. It was a really beautiful and calm place, although things got a little odd when, after climbing up a little further we came across the witches cave (not even joking). According to our Mexicans friends “witches”(people who think they are witches) meet here once a year. Their presence hadn’t exactly gone unnoticed, as the rocks were dotted with patches of melted candle wax and there were heaps of rubbish scattered around. Empty candle boxes, playing cards, creepy cut up photos… The braver among us decided to take a look inside the cave, I however did not!


The following day we drove for about an hour and got a little boat to the beach! In much the same situation as with the boat, I learnt that it is also possible to fit 8 people into your average 5 seater car, and without police or anyone so much as batting an eyelid. Anyway, we had a lovely time chilling in a hut by the sea, eating all kinds of weird and wonderful  seafood (some not so much, but I’ll never be a fan of squid). As you can see, it was all rather beautiful and idyllic.




That pretty much sums up my trip to Veracruz. Needless to say, arriving in DF tired and confused at four in the morning wasn’t exactly one of the highlights of the trip!

After having been in Toluca for about 8 months now, last weekend I finally made it to the Marquesa! The Marquesa is basically a huge forest between Toluca and Mexico City, where you can go horse riding, quad biking and eat yummy food! We just went for a walk, but it was SO nice to be out of the city and kind of away from civilisation, just for a bit. I decided to be adventurous and try rabbit and ended up ordering a meal as big as my face. Yum!


A couple of other fun things I’ve done:

I went to the Feria de San Isidro in Metepec last weekend with Helen, Gary and his girlfriend. I made the exciting discovery that the fair is sponsored by Victoria (the best kind of beer) which prompted A LOT of exciting photo taking and many a confused Mexican. Helen and I made the most of our English charms (i.e. being kind of blonde) to get lots of free tasters. Funnily enough the weather here in Toluca is becoming rather reminiscent of that of good old England, only somewhat more predictable. It rains everyday at around 5pm, so we had a jolly good time getting absolutely soaked on the rides!


Last weekend we had a lovely (and possibly final – help!) get together in Gary’s house with a few friends from the uni. We made sandwiches and, of course, the vodka/tequila was cracked out, at about 3pm… Queue a somewhat drunk and confused Vicky arriving home at about 9pm and eating almost all the food I own. I will never understand or get used to this ridiculously early drinking/shots at any time.

Tomorrow Ellie and I are flying to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, to spend a week chilling by the beach. Pretty much everyone has told me I HAVE to go before leaving Mexico, so I’m super excited. The next post will be all about it! 🙂


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June 12, 2014 · 6:38 pm

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